About the Artist

I started my career in England at The Creative Assembly (latterly Sega) in 2001 as an artist, working on many of the Bafta Award winning Total War series of PC games and, more recently, the chart topping London 2012 Olympic Games Official Video Game.

My work as a concept artist included character design on Spartan Total Warrior that led Edge Magazine to state “The most unexpected of The Creative Assembly’s talents… is a flair for character art. Charismatic hairstyles and costuming abound, the style is more forceful and economical than many western developers.”

Having transferred to Brisbane in 2005 I left Sega in early 2012 after eleven years, and have since branched out on my own as a freelance artist, focusing on storyboard, comic and concept art. As well as contributing art to Josh Tanner’s short film The Landing, I am also creating art for the preproduction of Luke Sparke’s The 34th Battalion.

Contact me at nsmith101@ymail.com

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3 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. Big nick says:

    I don’t know if you can get it in Oz, but tonight there was a documentary on Ray Briggs on c4. Should be on catch up on the net. Was a fab programme and it shows them working on Snowman part 2

  2. zim zam

    pippity pop

    wop wap willip

    et tu?

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