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Supanova Sketches

Just a few sketches I did while I was at Supanova a few weeks back.

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ArtNuggets-NickSmith-SCassEver since I started using Zbrush I’ve wondered what it would be like to create a caricature using it. Recently I was lucky enough to be commissioned to do such a thing.

Surprise! Surprise! It turns out that Zbrush is ideal for creating caricatures. With this piece I used Zbrush to get the bulk of the head likeness sculpted, before bringing it into Photoshop to apply colour and paint the body and setting. I’m looking forward to applying this technique to caricatures of the rich and famous as part of the Caricaturama Showdown 3000 on facebook.

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George Clooney

ArtNuggets-NickSmith-GeorgeClooneyHad an hour spare and put it to good use by finally getting a caricature done for the Caricaturama Showdown 3000 group on Facebook. Take a look at my image as well as many other fine arts here.

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This is an illustration commissioned by a mate who is an open water swimmer. Here he is swimming in the waters off Sardinia, Italy. This was drawn in pencil, white chalk pencil and white paint pen.

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