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Robh Ruppel

The fine work of one Mr Robh Ruppel has been brought to my attention during my Environment Design class, as mentioned in my last post.

He has a great sense of style, and his compositions and colour use are phenomenal. I’ve inserted a couple of examples below. Hit the link to see more on the blog. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. This stuff is a real inspiration, as you will see in my next Environment Design 1 update.

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Slick motion graphics video. So well done. It inspires me to do my own…

“We are proud to introduce you our short video made for comic-book event “Komiksofon”
This is a tribute to our friends, drawers and comic-book creators from Wroclaw.
Turn up a volume and full screen mode, buckle your seat-belts and enjoy it!”

Video made by Division48 crew:
Katarzyna Niemczyk
Marcin Przybyś
Grzegorz Przybyś

Music: Michael Hunter – Soviet Connection

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