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Merry Xmas


Merry Xmas to all you nuggets! Hope you have a fabulous New Year….

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Johnny Voodoo’s Barber Shop

ArtNuggets-NickSmith-JohnnyVoodooThis piece was commissioned by Johnny Voodoo’s Barber Shop in Camira, Queensland, the result of a chance meeting at Supanova. Really enjoyed working on this. One of those great commissions where the client just wants you to do your thing. Great fun.

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Zoot Suit

This started off as a quick update to make it ready for t-shirt printing, but now that it’s done I like it more than the original. If you’re interested in getting one of the t-shirts, I will be selling this as well as a few others at Supanova in Brisbane on November 9th. Me and a talented friend of mine by the name of Pete Yong with have a booth in Artist’s Alley where we will be selling various wares of an artistic nature, so please come down and say hello.

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Speed Trap

Part of the Wideguys lineup, I initially wanted to do a cop car conversion of the 2009 Dodge Challenger. This was one of the American muscle car re-imaginings I really liked from a few years ago, other examples of which are the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro.

From there I developed the idea of it being part of a speed trap scene, and that it would be cool to have the cop a female, so that I could use her long hair to accentuate the draft created by the unseen perpetrator speeding by. The criminal in question was originally going to appear to the right, having gone round a bend left and driving off into the distance. Ultimately I preferred the idea that you don’t see him, just his wake.

This image was created by drawing and inking the car and the cop separately with a pen and pad, then scanning and comping them in Photoshop. The dust cloud effect was created using the Colour Halftone filter.

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Here’s a trio of images that form a collection of characters I call Wideguys. These are a take on some fat little dudes I first created while at university. The lowrider culture was the main inspiration for these, with the cars shape altered to fit in and compliment the little dudes. Another aspect I was trying to make key are the designs, of the tattoos and motifs on the cars themselves.

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