Star Wars Cover update

Just posting to say that unfortunately I didn’t win the Star Wars Cover challenge on It was a great challenge to enter and I was very pleased with my effort, as well as the kind words from the judge, Dark Horse writer Tom Taylor. Here’s what he had to say:-

—– From Tom —–
There is nothing between some of these. There are about five or six entries that could easily grace the cover of a Star Wars book.

However, I have to give it to Sacha Bryning as I’m a writer and, for me, as well as being very accomplished, that one tells the best story. Sacha Bryning Link

I’m not going to do a second and third as any of the ones I’m mentioning could easily be the winner.

The two ‘Also could have won” – Nick Smith’s great entry, probably the best composition seen in this week’s entries. The perspective is brilliant and the subtle trail of smoke leading the eye from Darth’s severed hand past Luke up to the Emperor is very clever. Nick Smith Link

And the next ‘could have won” has to go to Porkins (by Dean Rankine). I like funny and this narrowly, narrowly, beat out Exogorth’s lonely in space. Dean Rankine Link

Have to acknowledge the brilliant work of Wade Gregory Clarke, Jan Filippelli, Dane Madgwick and… this too hard.

Well done everyone!


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