Supanova Gold Coast

Just took delivery of my merchandise for this weekend’s Supanova down at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. Come on down to Nick & Pete’s Art Nuggets in Artist’s Alley, Booth D and pick up a 50 page art book, free Hilt bookmark, or just to see me making the Hilt comic live. Peter Yong will also be there with his lead chisel, sculpting 2D masterpieces hewn from purest graphite and selling his fine wares. Can’t wait!

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2 thoughts on “Supanova Gold Coast

  1. Alison & Adele says:

    Hi Nick & Pete, I was talking to you at the Supanova Gold Coast expo about another show. I had the A stall along from you with my daughter selling jewellery. I have misplaced the details that you gave me and wandered if you had the time to email me the name of the show/expo. I thought it was in New Zealand but not too sure now. It was nice meeting you both and we hope to see you at the Sydney Expo.

    • Nick Smith says:

      Hi Alison & Adele. Nick here. Hope you had a good show. I think it was Pete in the cap that had all the info. Comic-Con and AvCon were a couple he mentioned. You can reach him on his blog at Hope you have a good Sydney show. I’ll see you at Brisbane Supanova, if you’re going to that one.

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