The Deep

ArtNuggets-NickSmith-TheDeep ArtNuggets-NickSmith-TheDeepFish


A little pic I knocked up for’s The Deep challenge, to celebrate the release of the second book, The Vanishing Island. The Deep is a fine graphic novel by Tom Taylor and James Brouwer published by Gestalt Comics and is well worth checking out. If the first book, Here Be Dragons, is anything to go by, The Vanishing Island should be a winner. That reminds me, I need to unlend the first book from a mate…

I had fun creating this image. Still working out my comic style for when it comes to creating my own comic HILT. The fish were fun to draw as well and at one point I was considering using all of them together. In the end I settled for an oppressive school of the second design. The deep sea aspect of the comic allows for so much scope for aquatic beasties. Must be very enjoyable.

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