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Johnny Voodoo’s Barber Shop

ArtNuggets-NickSmith-JohnnyVoodooThis piece was commissioned by Johnny Voodoo’s Barber Shop┬áin Camira, Queensland, the result of a chance meeting at Supanova. Really enjoyed working on this. One of those great commissions where the client just wants you to do your thing. Great fun.

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George Clooney

ArtNuggets-NickSmith-GeorgeClooneyHad an hour spare and put it to good use by finally getting a caricature done for the Caricaturama Showdown 3000 group on Facebook. Take a look at my image as well as many other fine arts here.

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Cass and the Burnley Boys

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A friend of mine commissioned me to do a digital painting of him playing rugby for Burnley RUFC in Lancashire, England. I was also instructed to have a couple of his mates in there as well, in support of his run to the try line.

The whole job took me about 17 hours to do from scratch. I started with a sketch and proceeded to block in the characters with tones, having roughly gone over the outlines. I then went through and rendered each of the characters, before moving onto the sky, the grass and finally the background elements.

After tidying up the characters once more, I flipped the image to check the balance and decided I preferred the image the other way round, with the characters coming towards the viewer from left to right, ending with the man of the moment looking back the other way as he hands off his would be tackler.

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