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Concept Design Workshop – Wellington Day 1

I’m currently attending the Concept Design Workshop in Wellington. This one week workshop features top artists Greg Broadmore, Ben Mauro and Aaron Beck from Weta Workshops, along with special guest Robh Ruppel. In preparation for the workshop I started learning Zbrush last week and after today’s session with Ben Mauro I’m really excited about the possibilities this powerful application can help me realise. I’ve attached my initial efforts from last week, as well as today’s sculpt and paint over of what I’ve termed a pig-dog assassin. I’m looking forward to what inspirations and revelations tomorrow’s session will hold.

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CGMA Environment Design 1 with James Paick – Week 4

This week we started to use colour. I’m afraid I only got three of the five images done this week. It seems to take me ages to get the image to a point where I feel like I’m liking it. Added to this is the fact that when I had to rush an image a couple of weeks ago just to fill out the assignment, the critique centered on the rushed image, rather than the two more finished pieces, thus covering a lot of things I might have attended to, had I given the image equal time. For this reason I have only submitted images that I have given fair attention to.

However, I did really enjoy this week’s assignments a lot more than weeks 1 to 3, which were a real chore, if I’m honest. I think this is because I started to use the lasso. I liked what I got out of it on the first image so much that by the third image I was using it for a lot of the image making, and doing very little actual painting. As you can probably tell, I’ve been looking at Robh Ruppel’s blog a lot recently.

There is a definite progression through the three images, the first being quite basic, while the last is comparatively rich. I’m learning a lot from the class, but what is becoming most apparent to me is less about the technique and skills, and more about my attitude towards environment design. When creating environments before I would get frustrated that the image wasn’t looking decent from a fairly early stage, and as a result I would get disheartened and this would put me off. Now I am forcing myself to get environments done and to a state where I’m happy with them, in the process learning that it takes time, but also proving to myself that I can do it.

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Robh Ruppel

The fine work of one Mr Robh Ruppel has been brought to my attention during my Environment Design class, as mentioned in my last post.

He has a great sense of style, and his compositions and colour use are phenomenal. I’ve inserted a couple of examples below. Hit the link to see more on the blog. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. This stuff is a real inspiration, as you will see in my next Environment Design 1 update.

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