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Having been inspired by my visit to Wellington and the powers of Zbrush, it’s taken me a surprising amount of time to get something new done. This is a little character I’ve had in the pad for a while and I thought it would make a great project to stretch my Zbrush skills a bit more. The creation of this character required getting to grips with a lot of new facets of Zbrush, such as merging multiple subtools, posing and, the most daunting, hard surface modelling.

The sculpt was great fun to do, especially the head. However, having sculpted it from one sphere, I realised after having created other parts of the character that I could have achieved better results by creating separate pieces and merging them into the head. The creation of the gun was quite time-consuming, probably at least six hours, but it was gratifying to see it come out so well. I’m looking forward to seeing what other tech I can create using Zbrush.

The paint over took a lot longer than I expected. It really is a case of the work having to be done somewhere along the pipeline. There’s always the temptation to get the model rendered and into photoshop as soon as I can, probably because I feel more comfortable painting as opposed to sculpting at this stage. Really though, the process could have been sped up if I’d taken that extra bit of time sharpening up the model. You live and learn….

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Echelon Heavy Infantry

He never made it into the game, but this is one of my favourite designs from Stormrise. I was particularly inspired by Craig Mullins at this point and started off doing a quick thumbnail sketch before scanning it into the computer and painting him up in black and white. I then overlaid some colour and added detail and textures.

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A few years ago THQ/Relic’s Company of Heroes was the game of choice round these parts. Set in World War II, it was a superior RTS that gave special consideration to real tactics and had a fully destroyable environment, making it very atmospheric.

Inspired by that game, I came up with these Commando squad leaders, all with their own appearance, weapons and abilities, and tried to present it in a mock WWII style poster, with the idea that this would be what you see when selecting which nationality you wanted to play.

This was painted in Photoshop from the ground up (as opposed to starting with a pencil sketch), which I rarely did at the time, and I consider it quite a milestone in my evolution as a concept artist. I remember thinking how simple the rim lighting was to do, yet so effective. Good fun!

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