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Behold My Booty!

This weekend I will be in attendance at Supanova at the Brisbane RNA Showgrounds, so come on down if you’re in the area and pick up some of this sweet loot. I have postcards, prints, posters and t-shirts for sale, as well as the chance to win some of the more exclusive images.

I can be found, along with my cohort Pete Yong, at Pete & Nick’s Art Nuggets in Artist’s Alley, Booth L2. Below I have provided a helpful map, so as to remove all possible impediments to people attending. I’m excited to be taking part and hope to see many friendly faces as well as make new acquaintances. Should be fun.

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Concept Design Workshop – Wellington Day 3

Busy day today. First up was this knight with his hunting dogs drawn during the Greg Broadmore session. Next up was the Ben Mauro session creation which was intended to be a werewolf of sorts, but has since come to resemble some sort of pig-man. A smug looking one at that. Lastly was this heavy duty shocktrooper, done during the Aaron Beck stint. Might put some more time into him tomorrow.

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This is one of my favourite images. After spending the whole weekend playing the original World War 2 game Medal of Honour on Playstation 1 back in my Uni days, I came up with this image of three nazi stormtroopers are making their way through the driving snow in a determined fashion.

It was created before the advent of my getting photoshop, using pencil and paper initially, before laboriously inking everything in with a humble felt tip pen. Having drawn the soldiers first, I originally drew the snow circular, but tben struck upon the idea of drawing them elliptical, which allowed me to suggest the direction and force of the snow storm and give the image it’s power.

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