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Another OzComics.com challenge entry. This week’s theme was Aussie comics, so I took the chance to have another go at ol’Rufus from Killeroo.


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Sequential Challenge #4 was based on the character Killeroo, created by Darren Close, who runs OzComics.com and so kindly sets up the challenges and supports the local comics community. I’m pleased to have been able to get this one done to show my appreciation for what he does. If it weren’t for him and his challenges I would not be so far down the comic artist road.

This was a fun strip to do, although I must say I loathe drawing motorcycles. I’d hoped to get it coloured but time ran out. Better to make sure the inks and lettering and such are finished off well, than rush the thing.

This will be my last entry into the Sequential Challenges for a while. I’m going to put my efforts into my own strip, so stay tuned.

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