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Another OzComics.com challenge entry. This week’s theme was Aussie comics, so I took the chance to have another go at ol’Rufus from Killeroo.


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ArtNuggets-NickSmith-LoboDirty pencil drawing for the Ozcomics.com Lobo Challenge this week. It was great fun letting loose and digging into the page with a soft pencil and pushing it around with a paper stump and eraser.

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Usagi Yojimbo

At last! Usagi Yojimbo makes an appearance in the OzComics.com sequential challenges. This was a quick drawing I did last night using the Brush pen and fine liner, as well as a little white paint pen, which turned out to be really useful. Not only did it white out the blacks, but I could then reapply the blacks over it and you couldn’t tell the difference. It literally behaves like liquid paper. The pose for this image is a homage to the great Toshiro Mifune and his ronin character that he played in Kirosawa’s Yojimbo and Sanjuro. Great films. Check them out!

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Sebastian Hawks – Creature Hunter

This piece was done for another OzComics.com weekly challenge. There’s a bit more to it this time because one of the more popular images will be included in the Graphic Novel that is being made with the help of Pozible. It’s called Sebastian Hawks – Creature Hunter and if you want to know more or contribute you can find it here.

Once again I’ve used this as an exercise in refining my comic style. I’m definitely getting a good feel as to what works and what doesn’t, however something like this level of embellishment would be more suited to the cover than the panels. If you’re interested in seeing this image included in Graphic Novel, please head on over to the OzComics.com gallery and ‘like’ it.

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Sequential Challenge #4 was based on the character Killeroo, created by Darren Close, who runs OzComics.com and so kindly sets up the challenges and supports the local comics community. I’m pleased to have been able to get this one done to show my appreciation for what he does. If it weren’t for him and his challenges I would not be so far down the comic artist road.

This was a fun strip to do, although I must say I loathe drawing motorcycles. I’d hoped to get it coloured but time ran out. Better to make sure the inks and lettering and such are finished off well, than rush the thing.

This will be my last entry into the Sequential Challenges for a while. I’m going to put my efforts into my own strip, so stay tuned.

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Here’s this week’s OzComics entry. A bit of Wolverine taking on the Juggernaut. Similar screen tone approach as previous entries. Just trying to really nail down my technique for a bit of comic work I’ve got in mind. On this occasion I did the roughest of pencil sketches and took them into the tablet quick smart before drawing it up digitally, rather than doing a fairly finished pencil version, as is usually my method.

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This week’s OzComics.com challenge was Batman. How could I pass up this opportunity?

I started sketching in the old drawing pad, searching for a look that I liked. Having come up with this angular design I then set upon the task of designing my version of the Batmobile and could think of no better car to base it on than the classic over the top ’80s supercar, the Lamborghini Countach. Being a rather angular shape already, it leant itself well to the ride of choice for this particular Dark Knight.

Drive was not the movie that I though of aping at first. I did toy with the idea of doing a version of the Beverly Hills Cop cover with Batman sat casually on the bonnet of his motor. I was halfway through this one and on the brink of redesigning when the whole Drive thing sprang to mind, which was a relief.  Having spent a lot of time on the Star Wars cover I was quite keen to keep this one to a more manageable timeframe. And because Drive is a cracking movie.

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