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Concept Design Workshop – Wellington Day 3

Busy day today. First up was this knight with his hunting dogs drawn during the Greg Broadmore session. Next up was the Ben Mauro session creation which was intended to be a werewolf of sorts, but has since come to resemble some sort of pig-man. A smug looking one at that. Lastly was this heavy duty shocktrooper, done during the Aaron Beck stint. Might put some more time into him tomorrow.

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Concept Design Workshop – Wellington Day 2

Today’s fresh produce from the Wellington CDW…

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Concept Design Workshop – Wellington Day 1

I’m currently attending the Concept Design Workshop in Wellington. This one week workshop features top artists Greg Broadmore, Ben Mauro and Aaron Beck from Weta Workshops, along with special guest Robh Ruppel. In preparation for the workshop I started learning Zbrush last week and after today’s session with Ben Mauro I’m really excited about the possibilities this powerful application can help me realise. I’ve attached my initial efforts from last week, as well as today’s sculpt and paint over of what I’ve termed a pig-dog assassin. I’m looking forward to what inspirations and revelations tomorrow’s session will hold.

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The 34th Battalion

I’ve been lucky enough to get work on an exciting new film production being made here in Queensland, Australia. The 34th Battalion is about the exploits of a Australian soldiers on the western front in the Great War. Above you can see the initial teaser poster and two pieces of concept art I have worked on. More will follow and you can find out more about this fine production on their website.

“Jonathan Brown and his close friends, whose lives are full of family and commitments, are faced with a call of duty. A recruitment march has found its way to their small town. Jonathan’s decision is full of heartbreak and regrets. He will carry those with him through the war.

A gritty and powerful window into the past, Jonathan’s story brings a personal and human element to the concept of war. How will this gentle and kind man survive the horrors of the Western Front? How will he return?”

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