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Usagi Yojimbo

At last! Usagi Yojimbo makes an appearance in the OzComics.com sequential challenges. This was a quick drawing I did last night using the Brush pen and fine liner, as well as a little white paint pen, which turned out to be really useful. Not only did it white out the blacks, but I could then reapply the blacks over it and you couldn’t tell the difference. It literally behaves like liquid paper. The pose for this image is a homage to the great Toshiro Mifune and his ronin character that he played in Kirosawa’s Yojimbo and Sanjuro. Great films. Check them out!

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Behold My Booty!

This weekend I will be in attendance at Supanova at the Brisbane RNA Showgrounds, so come on down if you’re in the area and pick up some of this sweet loot. I have postcards, prints, posters and t-shirts for sale, as well as the chance to win some of the more exclusive images.

I can be found, along with my cohort Pete Yong, at Pete & Nick’s Art Nuggets in Artist’s Alley, Booth L2. Below I have provided a helpful map, so as to remove all possible impediments to people attending. I’m excited to be taking part and hope to see many friendly faces as well as make new acquaintances. Should be fun.

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A down on her luck warrior is out hunting when she crosses paths with a party of knights returning from battle. When the warrior decides on flight instead of fight the chase is on.
This is the premise for short comic that I am in the process of making. Having tried my hand with some of the OzComics.com Sequential Challenges I thought it time to put all I’ve learnt into a story of my own. It will be about 20 to 22 pages in length and will hopefully provide me a with a earning curve that will help me develop as a comic artist. I have started a blog to act as a development diary for the project where all the artwork and musings are collected in one place.
As to the artwork itself, I spent quite a bit of time getting the composition right. I had initially intended for a more straight on composition with the warrior at the bottom of the piece looking back at the avalanche of knights chasing her, but decided against this because you wouldn’t be able to see her face. As such I went for this more kinetic image. Having settled on a composition the next step was to do the pencils. I spent a lot of time on this step with the intention of skipping the inking stage and using the pencil scan as the inks. Unfortunately the scan I got was not suitable straight up for the final art and so a fair bit of tidying up was required. Once the ‘inks’ were done it was on to the colour and background. This part of the process is great fun as the image comes together. The final act was to increase the size of the warrior herself. This really helped make the image more immersive by exaggerating the depth. Finally, the arrow was added and puts the icing on the action.
This weekend I will be at the Brisbane Supanova at the RNA Showgrounds with posters promoting the comic. I will be at the Pete & Nick’s Art Nuggets booth (Booth L2) in Artist’s Alley. I hope to see you there!
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PMC 3D Print


Having sculpted this wee chap in Zbrush and painted him up a few weeks ago, I was damn keen to get him 3D printed. I uploaded him to i.materialise.com and purchased a print about a week ago and today he arrived on my doorstep.

There’s something satisfying about holding a tactile incarnation of a character you’ve designed in your hand. It taps into that childlike urge to hold and manipulate and examine things. It’s so much better than just seeing it on screen. It feels like the logical conclusion of the fascination that first inspired me to start drawing pictures of the toys I had when I was a kid. All I know for sure is that it puts a smile on my face.

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Having been inspired by my visit to Wellington and the powers of Zbrush, it’s taken me a surprising amount of time to get something new done. This is a little character I’ve had in the pad for a while and I thought it would make a great project to stretch my Zbrush skills a bit more. The creation of this character required getting to grips with a lot of new facets of Zbrush, such as merging multiple subtools, posing and, the most daunting, hard surface modelling.

The sculpt was great fun to do, especially the head. However, having sculpted it from one sphere, I realised after having created other parts of the character that I could have achieved better results by creating separate pieces and merging them into the head. The creation of the gun was quite time-consuming, probably at least six hours, but it was gratifying to see it come out so well. I’m looking forward to seeing what other tech I can create using Zbrush.

The paint over took a lot longer than I expected. It really is a case of the work having to be done somewhere along the pipeline. There’s always the temptation to get the model rendered and into photoshop as soon as I can, probably because I feel more comfortable painting as opposed to sculpting at this stage. Really though, the process could have been sped up if I’d taken that extra bit of time sharpening up the model. You live and learn….

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Tiny Fists

My girlfriend has declared pantry moths to be her mortal enemy. This picture is inspired by her efforts to destroy every last moth.

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Sequential Challenge #4 was based on the character Killeroo, created by Darren Close, who runs OzComics.com and so kindly sets up the challenges and supports the local comics community. I’m pleased to have been able to get this one done to show my appreciation for what he does. If it weren’t for him and his challenges I would not be so far down the comic artist road.

This was a fun strip to do, although I must say I loathe drawing motorcycles. I’d hoped to get it coloured but time ran out. Better to make sure the inks and lettering and such are finished off well, than rush the thing.

This will be my last entry into the Sequential Challenges for a while. I’m going to put my efforts into my own strip, so stay tuned.

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Zoot Suit

This started off as a quick update to make it ready for t-shirt printing, but now that it’s done I like it more than the original. If you’re interested in getting one of the t-shirts, I will be selling this as well as a few others at Supanova in Brisbane on November 9th. Me and a talented friend of mine by the name of Pete Yong with have a booth in Artist’s Alley where we will be selling various wares of an artistic nature, so please come down and say hello.

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This is an illustration commissioned by a mate who is an open water swimmer. Here he is swimming in the waters off Sardinia, Italy. This was drawn in pencil, white chalk pencil and white paint pen.

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Week #54 of the OzComics Drawing Challenge saw the introduction of a new challenge running in parallel, that of the Sequential Challenge. Entrants were given a script written by Lucas Testro and had to create one page of panels to depict it. The story revolves around a DC Comics characters Captain Marvel, aka Shazam, and the villain Parasite. For the uninitiated, Captain Marvel is the alter ego of Billy Batson who can morph between the two with the uttering of the word ‘Shazam’, while Parasite sucks the powers of his foes upon touching them.

Having entered a few of the Drawing Challenges, I was ready for a more ambitious challenge and can say that I really enjoyed it. There are a couple of areas on this page that I’d probably like to improve, but I’m fairly satisfied with the way all the work and exploration I did in my Drawing Challenge entries has come to bear. Definitely the furthest I have gone with a comic. Having a deadline definitely helps and I must thank Darren Close at OzComics.com for supporting the local comics scene and giving us this opportunity to grow and learn.

Comics is a medium that offers a something that other mediums cannot. It’s not just the words and images jelling correctly in the panels, but also the way in which those panels are laid out and relate to each other. Being relatively new to the medium, I find these dynamics fascinating. Below is the script, for those interested in comparing. Click on the image for the hi-res version.

Panel 1

Wide shot of Captain Marvel and Parasite smashing through a billboard advertising Fawcett City, which is on top of a city building. Parasite is clutching on to Cap, kind of riding him. He’s hulked up to a monstrous size, clearly having already sucked a lot of Cap’s Energy.

1. CAPTION: Can’t shake him.

2. CAPTION: Powers fading.

3. PARASITE: A few more seconds and all your powers will be mine, Captain Marvel. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Panel 2

Tightish two-shot of Parasite and Cap. Parasite has one arm wrapped around Cap’s neck, choking him – and he’s clearly enjoying seeing Cap suffer. Cap’s trying to wrench Parasite’s arm free but he’s too exhausted to manage it. He looks on the point of unconsciousness. All seems lost.

1. PARASITE: Any last words?

2. CAPTAIN MARVEL: Just… one….

Panel 3

Close-up of Parasite, looking dismayed at what he’s hearing. He’s just realised he’s screwed.


(nb make Cap’s dialogue here small and understated – he’s weakly sputtering it out, not shouting it.)

Panel 4

Big wide shot looking up at the sky from a city street, skyscrapers towering either side. A HUGE LIGHTING BOLT strikes two tiny figures far above.


Panel 5

High angle mid shot of 12 year old Billy Batson falling towards the city, his body slack, unconscious. In the background Parasite tumbles beneath him.

1. CAPTION: His conduit to Cap’s powers severed, Parasite plummets towards Earth.

2. CAPTION: But so does unconscious Billy Batson!

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